Monday, May 22, 2023

Mayor Proclaims May 16, 2023 as Lewisburg Printing Co. Day in Lewisburg, TN


May 16, 2023 was proclaimed Lewisburg Printing Day in Lewisburg, TN by Mayor Jim Bingham in recognition of the more than 125 years of the company and is leadership providing investment and jobs to Lewisburg and Marshall County.

The proclamation was read by Mayor Bingham during a ceremony at the LPC facility on Woodside Avenue in Lewisburg, TN on May 16. Employees and guests including County Mayor Mike Keny were treated to a luncheon as the company's Vendor of the Year Award was presented to Neagle Freight Systems. 

See Proclamation below.

Lewisburg Printing Day Proclamation

Whereas, the Lewisburg Printing Company has been a cornerstone of the Lewisburg community since its founding in 1898; and

Whereas, the Lewisburg Printing Company has established itself as a leader in the commercial printing industry through its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service; and

Whereas, the Lewisburg Printing Company has continuously adapted to the changing needs of its customers and the marketplace, while remaining steadfast in its commitment to the community it serves; and

Whereas, the Lewisburg Printing Company has supported local businesses, organizations, and events through its charitable giving, volunteerism, and sponsorship; and

Whereas, the Lewisburg Printing Company has contributed to the economic growth and vitality of Lewisburg and the surrounding area through its business operations and employment of local residents;

Now, therefore, I, Jim Bingham, Mayor of Lewisburg, do hereby proclaim May 16th, 2023, as Lewisburg Printing Company Day in recognition of the company's long history and contributions to our community.

I urge all citizens of Lewisburg to join me in honoring the Lewisburg Printing Company for its exceptional service, commitment to excellence, and dedication to our community.


Jim Bingham, Mayor of Lewisburg

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Job Fair for High School Seniors at Spot Lowe Technology Center in Lewisburg, TN


The Marshall Works Well workforce development program along with Spot Lowe Technology Center hosted their annual Job Fair for High School Seniors. Employers from Allison Transmission/Walker Die Casting, Berry Global and Walker Die Casting to Lewisburg Public Works, Fire Department, EMS and Walker Chevrolet set up to speak with 50-60 high school seniors seeking summer, part-time or a full-time job. This annual May event is just one of the workforce development programs conducted by Marshall Works Well and its array of education and training partners from Marshall County K-12, Spot Lowe Technology Center, TCAT Pulaski, TCAT Shelbyville, Columbia State Community College and all the region, state and TVA partners. @MarshallCoTN @MarshallHappenings @MarshallCoSch @YPofMC @MCMLIB @MainStreetLewisburg @LewisburgRecCenter @MarCoSmallBusiness  #MakeItInMarshall #InvestInMC #ShopMarCo #MainStreetLewisburgTN #VisitMarCo #LewisburgTN #ChapelHillTN #CornersvilleTN

See more on YouTube @LewisburgTN4142 or Teaching Work in Marshall County

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Marshall Works Well | Teaching Work to Students during the 6th Grade Interview & Resume` Contest at Westhills Elementary School


The Marshall Works Well workforce development program in Lewisburg, TN recently held its annual 6th Grade & Resume` contest at Westhills Elementary School. The entire 6th grade filled out resume`s and were interviewed by HR professionals from local employers including Carrier, CBC Group, Comfort Research, Marelli and Walker Die Casting. Each company HR representative chose the top three candidates to "hire for jobs" and then a group of Grand Prize Winners were selected as Perfect Candidates for a Job.

These are our 5 grand prize winners:
Jayden Crenshaw, Kaydenze Stoner, Annika Anderson, Eli Phelps, and Joel Grieshaber.

Walker Die Casting Hires | Sofia Garcia, Christian Davenport, Brennon Bagsby

Marelli Hires | Brendan Hendricks, Tenley Beard, Makayla Hargrove

Carrier Hires 1 | Darey Galindo-Rosales, Desiree Vaughn, Bridgette Mejia-Luna

Carrier Hires 2 | Erin McCrory, Tionna Hardin, Zayvion Sledge, Aaliyah Carter, Jayshaun O’Neal, Naomi Chin

Comfort Research Hires | Jayden Crenshaw, Joel Greishaber, Eli Phelps

CBC Group Hires | Selena Bahn, Bentley Hughes, and Kimberly Monroy Gomez
Special thanks to all the companies and their HR representatives for participating and for Teacher Crossie Jones of Westhills Elementary and its administration for helping to prepare students for their career paths. The Marshall Works Well program is Teaching Work in Marshall County, TN to develop a pipeline of talented students and adults to continue to push business & industry forward and keep our local economy strong. @MarshallCoTN @MarshallHappenings @MarshallCoSch @YPofMC @MCMLIB @MainStreetLewisburg @LewisburgRecCenter @MarCoSmallBusiness #MakeItInMarshall #InvestInMC #ShopMarCo #MainStreetLewisburgTN #VisitMarCo #LewisburgTN #ChapelHillTN #CornersvilleTN