Friday, March 27, 2020

PPE Assistance - Can Your Company Help?

How You Can Help
Everyone has the power to help in some way during the COVID-19 outbreak, and manufacturers across the country are doing just that. I'm sending you this message to ask if you would consider joining these companies in producing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items that are now in short supply. Please consider reviewing your production capabilities for producing items that the Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence has identified as critical in the fight against COVID-19:

SUPPLIES: Hand Sanitizer

PPE: N95 Respirators, Surgical Face Masks, Goggles / Masks, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR/CAPR), Examination Gloves, Gowns, Face Shields (Full Face Protection / FFP)

MEDICAL SUPPLIES: Nasal Cannulas, Catheters, Flow-Splitters for Oxygen Supply, Thorpe Tube Flowmeter, Oxygen Masks, Venturi Masks (High Flow)

DEVICES: Negative Pressure Rooms, Non-Contact Thermometers, Ventilator Machines, Hospital Beds, Oxygen Concentrators, Pulse Oximeters, Non-Heated Humidifier (aka Cool-Mist), Laryngoscopes, Infusion Pumps

Shortages of necessary PPE and medical devices will continue to pose a significant problem for health care workers and patients around the globe. Anyone with production capabilities should carefully consider the manufacture of known designs and development of new designs for the items listed above.

If you can help in this effort, I ask that you fill out the COVID-19 Critical Supplies Survey. Your response to this survey will be submitted the U.S. Department of Commerce through NIST-MEP for the purpose of connecting your company to entities responsible for procuring COVID-19 critical supply shortage materials.  Your response will also be submitted the State of Tennessee COVID-19 Unified Command team as a Tennessee company interested in helping to address the shortages.
To ensure you are ready to proceed or to just learn more, please visit the UT CIS website.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like assistance.
Dwaine Raper
Director, Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Phone: (423) 741-4898