Monday, February 24, 2020

TVA STEM Grant Awarded to Cornersville High School

Math Teacher, Earl Leonard, of Cornersville High School recently received a $5,000 TVA STEM Grant to conduct a project going beyond the textbook to teach real-world math applications to students. Cornersville was one of two Marshall County Schools - Westhills Elementary also received a $5,000 grant - as part of TVA's STEM Grant program that awarded $600,000 to more than 190 schools in the TVA Region that are providing STEM-related programs or activities. The Cornersville program takes Applied Math out of the textbook and into realworld situations for students as they learn not only personal finance but also the stock market and how to run their own business. The goal, says Mr. Leonard, is for the students to be prepared to start and run their own business should that opportunity arise after they leave Cornersville School. Congratulations to Mr. Leonard and Cornersville School for receiving the grant and for teaching careers along with the curriculum.

Troy Crowell of Duck River Electric and Melissa Halsell of TVA Present $5,000 STEM Check to Cornersville High School.