Friday, February 28, 2020

Moon Products Presents Company and Careers to 4th Graders at Westhills Elementary

Moon Products presents company, careers there and pathways to those careers to @westhillstigers 4th grade @marshallcotn @MarshallCoSch @MarshallCoJECDB @marshallhappenings #investinmc #marco #teachingwork

Monday, February 24, 2020

TVA STEM Grant Awarded to Cornersville High School

Math Teacher, Earl Leonard, of Cornersville High School recently received a $5,000 TVA STEM Grant to conduct a project going beyond the textbook to teach real-world math applications to students. Cornersville was one of two Marshall County Schools - Westhills Elementary also received a $5,000 grant - as part of TVA's STEM Grant program that awarded $600,000 to more than 190 schools in the TVA Region that are providing STEM-related programs or activities. The Cornersville program takes Applied Math out of the textbook and into realworld situations for students as they learn not only personal finance but also the stock market and how to run their own business. The goal, says Mr. Leonard, is for the students to be prepared to start and run their own business should that opportunity arise after they leave Cornersville School. Congratulations to Mr. Leonard and Cornersville School for receiving the grant and for teaching careers along with the curriculum.

Troy Crowell of Duck River Electric and Melissa Halsell of TVA Present $5,000 STEM Check to Cornersville High School.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

TVA STEM Grants Awarded to Westhills Elementary

Crossie Jones, Specials-Related Arts Instructor for Westhills Elementary in Lewisburg, Marshall County, Tennessee recently received $5,000 from the TVA STEM Grant project where TVA provided $600,000 in funding to 190 schools in the TVA region for STEM-related projects and activities. Westhills was one of two Marshall County Schools to receive the grant - Cornersville High School also received a $5,000 Grant - for a school-wide project that teaches students the various types of keyboards, their uses and careers where keyboards are used, how and why. One of the coolest keyboards is the hologram keyboard (shown in the video). Congratulations to Mrs. Jones and Westhills Elementary for their innovation in teaching careers with curriculum in Marshall County, Tennessee.

Melissa Halsell of TVA and Brad Medley of Lewisburg Electric Present $5,000 STEM Grant Check to Westhills Elementary

More Spotlights on Spot Lowe Students

Isaac Haynes of Forrest High School is taking Civil Engineering at Spot Lowe Technology Center while doing his work-based learning at Talos Engineered Products in Lewisburg, TN

Spotlight on @SpotLowe Robin Oberlander, Cassidy Darnell and Alissa Bradford from Mrs. Borton's Cosmetology class share their work-based learning and career goals @marshallcotn @MarshallCoSch @MarshallCoJECDB @marshallhappenings #investinmc #marco

Friday, February 14, 2020

Marelli Hosts Teachers Lunch & Learn

Marelli of Lewisburg in Marshall Co., TN hosted teachers from the Marshall Co. School System to its facility to learn about the company, its workforce needs and careers available there as part of a continuous and expanding county-wide program to create a pipeline of workforce from the classroom to careers in Advanced Manufacturing. #investinmc

Monday, February 10, 2020

Spotlight @SpotLowe Features Lopez & Marcrum - Adv. MFG Students in Training

Spotlight @SpotLowe - Wayne Marcrum & Humberto Lopez, Pres. & VP of SkillsUSA are star Advanced MFG Students at Spot Lowe Technology Center in Lewisburg, TN. Along with Robotics, Mechatronics, PLC and CNC, Humberto does work-based learning with Teledyne Advanced Electronics in Lewisburg and Wayne does work-based learning with the Lewisburg Water & Wastewater Department. These are just two of the Spot Lowe students training in the skills to be the next workforce for Lewisburg & Marshall County.

Friday, February 7, 2020

WestRock Receives TOSHA Governor's Award for Safety

WestRock of Lewisburg, TN was awarded the TOSHA Governor's Award for Safety on February 7, 2020 during a celebration at the facility in the Lewisburg Industrial Park. WestRock Safety Leaders and their employees have logged 1,390,640 hours with Zero Lost Time - going 444 days without a Recordable Injury. The TOSHA was presented to only 16 companies out of 130,000+ in the state eligible for the award. WestRock has earned Safety Recognition through the Volunteer Star Sites program since 1997.