Friday, August 16, 2019

TN Driving Innovation Lab comes to Westhills Elementary in Lewisburg

The TN Driving Innovation Lab that brings STEM equipment and career information to students across the State of Tennessee made its stop in Lewisburg today at Westhills Elementary School (4th-6th Grades).
The lab featured Drones the students got to fly and see what the drones see through an iPad, as well as, ventured into the ocean through Virtual Reality (VR) equipment. They saw Robot arms, 3D printers and Laser equipment perform and learned all the things those and other STEM machines can do along with the types of careers that are needed to build, operate, program and repair those machines.
Lewisburg and Marshall County are heavy in Advanced Manufacturing with more than 45 manufacturers, large and small, putting "Mastered in Marshall County" on the global map. Because of this, it is vital that these companies maintain their technological edge meaning the workforce in Lewisburg and Marshall County must do the same.
The TN Driving Innovation Lab's visit to Westhills is just part of what Manufacturers and Marshall County are doing to insure our companies and their workforce, in the present and for the future, work together to stay ahead of the curve technology is throwing at every sector of every industry across the globe.
Other programs going on include weekly or monthly presentations to students in the schools starting with 3rd graders from 12-15 manufacturing companies, health care representatives and other career representatives from IT to Finance. This means the a child will hear each year presentations from 12-15 companies on what they do, careers available there and the educational and training pathways necessary to achieve those careers.
In middle school, local industries offer tours and career exploration opportunities; but every Freshmen in Marshall County will tour a manufacturing facility, every Sophomore will tour another and every Junior will tour yet another. So, not only will the students of Marshall County be exposed to careers from the 3rd grade up; they will also get inside no fewer than three high-tech manufacturing facilities before they reach their senior year.
Then, as a senior, they will be provided with a Job Fair near the end of the year so that any student needing a summer job, a part-time job while they attend a Tennessee College of Applied Technology or Community College or any student just wanting to go straight into the workforce will be given that opportunity before they even graduate.
These and other programs under development are what the Lewisburg Department of Economic Development, the Lewisburg Industrial Development Board, the Marshall County Joint Economic and Community Development Board and the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Lewisburg Manufacturers' Association, the Advanced Manufacturing Council, the Healthcare Council and the IT Council are working together on to support our companies, our workforce and the economic well-being of our communities.