Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tankersley Named August Instructor of the Month

Cookie Tankersley - South Central Tennessee Workforce Board Alliance
- Marshall County Adult Education - Lewisburg Office
Carolyn “Cookie” Tankersley is a highly skilled instructor who has taught mathematics for over 10 years. Always encouraging, she does not give up on her students until they earn their diploma. When students fail to attend classes, Tankersley contacts each one to encourage them to return. She establishes a positive relationship with all her students, so they know someone cares about their future.
One example of Tankersley’s relentless, genuine concern is when a student with regular class attendance was suddenly absent. After a brief search, she located the student in the county jail. Tankersley arranged for him to return to class upon his release. Once he returned to class, he successfully passed the HiSET.
Tankersley believes that teaching students is her ministry. She knows the lasting effect earning a diploma has on the students and their families. At times when a student’s motivation may begin to falter, Tankersley is there to keep them going. Every student is inspired by her caring nature.
Congrats to Cookie Tankersley,  August’s Instructor of the Month! LINK to ONLINE ARTICLE