Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library License Plates to Benefit MCIL

Want to help the Marshall County Imaginary Library? There's a new way to give and to show your support. The new ‘Dolly’ plate has been approved and is now making its way to county clerks' offices across the state.

While the cost of vehicle registration varies from county to county in accordance with various taxes, this new Dolly specialty plate costs $35 (cost set by the State) in addition to the $21.50 cost of a normal state plate. A portion of the $35 goes to cover the plate production ($4.25), a portion goes to the Tennessee Arts Commission and the TN Highway Fund ($15.37) and the remaining $15.37 comes back to the Dollywood Foundation. Here is the exciting part: the Dollywood Foundation is giving it all to you! That’s right, for each Dolly plate sold in Marshall County, the foundation will contribute the full $15.37 to cover your monthly cost of Imagination Library books and mailing.

Perhaps best of all, thanks to the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) covering half of the monthly cost of books and mailing in Tennessee, each plate sold in Marshall County enrolls a child for one full year. So, by purchasing a plate in Marshall County, you are enrolling a child to receive a full year of Imagination Library books.

(Of the roughly $25 per year it costs to have a child enrolled in the Imagination Library, GBBF covers half of that, or about $12.50. So, the sale of a plate in Marshall County more than covers the other half.)

The State of Tennessee will likely transfer these funds to us in June each year, at the end of the state’s fiscal year. 
Be looking for more information on these plates and purchase yours to support the Marshall County Imagination Library.