Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lewisburg Officially Names Calsonic Kansei Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park

Lewisburg Mayor welcomes Special Guests Calonic Kansei SVP Mike Layne, COO Eric Huch, Chairman Hideaki Watanabe, SVP Matt Mulliniks along with City Councilmen Steve Thomas and Artie Allen and City Manager Randall Dunn with the MCHS Chorus to the official naming of the Calsonic Kansei Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park. 
The City of Lewisburg official named the amphitheater of Rock Creek Park in honor of Calsonic Kansei and the company's contribution to the park improvements over the past year.
Calsonic Kansei not only serves as Marshall County's largest industrial employer, but  it is also a leader in community development partnerships with the City of Lewisburg. The company, which manufacturers dashboards and electronics in Lewisburg for the automotive industry, recently worked with the City of Lewisburg in planning and funding for several improvements to Rock Creek Park. The funding help provide underground utilities, new street lighting and the creation of the amphitheater in the park.
On Thursday morning, Lewisburg Mayor Jim Bingham welcomed special guests, Calsonic Kansei Chairman Hideaki Watanabe from Japan along with COO Eric Huch, SVP Mike Layne and SVP Matt Mulliniks to a ceremony to name the amphitheater - the Calsonic Kansei Amphitheater.
"We could not be more grateful to Calsonic Kansei for the funding and support that will provide a beautiful park area for the citizens of Lewisburg to enjoy for generations to come," said Mayor Bingham.
As a special treat, Elise Dumser and the MCHS Chorus performed a medley of 60s hits for the company and community dignitaries as a demonstration of what enjoying a show in the amphitheater will be for so many people from Lewisburg and Marshall County, as well as many visitors to the community and its events.
The MCHS Chorus performs a medley of 60s hits for Calsonic Kansei and community leaders 

Calsonic Kansei Amphitheater naming ceremony - The MCHS Chorus shares a photo with the dignitaries from Calsonic Kansei and the City of Lewisburg.