Thursday, April 28, 2016

Medley Named GM of LES

The Lewisburg Electric System Board of Directors announces the appointment of Brad Medley as General Manager of the electric company. 

Medley, a lifelong resident of Lewisburg, is married with three children and began working at LES in 1992. He started as a groundman before becoming a lineman and has most recently served in LES operations. For the past six months, Medley served as interim manager while the board has worked on naming an official appointment. 

LES Board members are: Joe Moss, Chairman, Eddie Tears, Vice Chairman and Councilman Steve Thomas, City Council Representative.

"LES has a history of serving  customers with reliable electric energy. The Board appointed Brad Medley to move the organization forward while continuing to provide excellent customer service. We have full confidence in Brad's ability and character to lead LES," said Chairman Moss. 

Medley stated that he plans to continue the outstanding service and reliability offered by LES since its inception and to continue seeking new ways to improve the system, its operations and the community. 

"LES has always had a good working relationship with the City of Lewisburg and we want that to continue," said Medley. "I am going to look for more ways that we can play a stronger role in economic and community development in Lewisburg."

LES, along with the other local utilities, the Lewisburg Gas Department and the Lewisburg Water and Wastewater Department, play vital roles in the economic development efforts of the City of Lewisburg. Each utility provides information and support along with their respective services to all new and existing industries and businesses. 

"I could not be more pleased with the LES Board's selection," said Lewisburg Mayor Jim Bingham. "Mr. Medley is a man of  proven ability. I am extremely proud of the whole organization.  Brad is first and foremost a gentleman and offer him my most sincere congratulations."