Friday, January 23, 2015

Leadership Week Comes to Marshall County

Lyn Stacey - CTE Director -
gives a tour of the Spot Lowe Technology Center
to the Gattis Leadership group. 
Leadership development is a crucial component of a community's sustainability plan and this week Marshall County played host to three leadership groups developed in or with Marshall County.
Leadership Marshall is a program created and directed by Lynda Potts of Lewisburg and offers local residents the opportunity to take the course and learn about the community in which they live. At the end of the course, the class of students chooses and implements a community development project that has ranged from park benches for the Greenway to creating the Junior Leadership Marshall program.
Junior Leadership Marshall invites students from each of the three high schools in Marshall County to take part in a program similar to the adult version - Leadership Marshall.
Dave Kennedy of Southern Carton
gives a tour of his facility
to Junior Leadership Marshall
Four years ago, Marshall County Leadership alumni and alumni from similar Leadership programs in surrounding counties developed a regional Leadership program called Gattis Regional Leadership. This program takes people who have graduated from their county leadership course and offers them the opportunity to learn more about the counties that surround their communities. Gattis Leadership began with six counties, but has grown to eleven counties in the region.
Last week, Marshall County hosted all three Leadership groups to tour Marshall County with Junior Leadership Marshall and Leadership Marshall taking an Industry Day tour. Gattis Leadership brought program participants from each of the counties in the region to Marshall County for a tour of the community and its assets, plans and issues it faces.

Wayne Wolf of Old Hickory Smokehouse
gives a tour of his facility to
Junior Leadership Marshall
The students from each program were treated to presentations by local officials in Marshall County, local assets from the Library to the Spot Lowe Technology Center and tours of several local industries including Old Hickory Smokehouse, Southern Carton, CKNA and Lewisburg Printing.
Participants in the Junior Leadership Marshall and Leadership Marshall will continue to take tours of the community for History Day, Local Government Day, State Government Day and more.
The Gattis Leadership participants will continue to take tours of each of the counties in the program to learn what each has to offer and what each faces.
AME Instructor Danny Adams of
Spot Lowe Technology Center
demonstrates one of the training machines
to Gattis Leadership
To join Junior Leadership Marshall, students must submit an application and their schools and be selected to participate by the Junior Leadership Marshall Board. To join the Leadership Marshall program, residents of Marshall County need simply to contact Lynda Potts and ask to take the next upcoming course. To join the Gattis Leadership program, anyone who graduates from Leadership Marshall can request to participate in the program and information and joining is provided upon graduation from Leadership Marshall.