Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apply for Jobs in Marshall County

Apply online to Calsonic Kansei (CKNA)

1. Scroll down to Common Searches

2. Click on Lewisburg

3. Click on job title of interest

4. Read Job Description completely

5. Click to Apply

6. Once the online application is complete, call (931) 270-2485 for an appointment

Apply online at Teledyne

1. Click on Job Search

2. Select Tennessee from dropdown box

3. Click Search to view all current openings

4. Click on Job Title and read job description

5. Click on Apply

Apply online at RockTenn

1. Click on Careers

2. Select Tennessee-TN

3. Click Search to view all job openings

Once you find a job opening, you will need to register a username and password to submit your application.

Apply online at Genesco

1. Click on Careers

2. Click on Tennessee Distribution Centers from dropdown menu

3. Select Tennessee

4. Select Chapel Hill and then arrows for job openings at the Chapel Hill location

5. Click Apply next to job opening description

Apply online at IbexGlobal

1. Select Careers

2. Select Click Here to view current job openings

3. Select New Candidate Search

4. Select Job

5. Click Apply