Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Marshall Co. Schools Receive Three Reward Schools from State

On Monday, August 19, the State Department of Education announced the Reward Schools for the 2012-13 school year. Marshall County has three schools on the list: Cornersville Elementary School, Lewisburg Middle School, and Forrest High School. These schools were in the top 5% of the schools in the state for having high student growth. Marshall County had more Reward Schools than any other school system in the South Central Region.
In addition, out of 136 school systems in Tennessee, Marshall County ranked 17th in the state in math for grades 3-8, 63rd in reading, 47th in science and 23rd in social studies. Marshall County was one of 32 systems not cited for needing improvement in a sub-group area.
“We are thrilled with this progress and with these awards; however, we still have a lot of work to do to reach the achievement levels we want our students to attain. Our teachers (system-wide) have worked very hard while under a lot of pressure and with many changes this past year. I am very proud of them and their dedication to the children of Marshall County,” said Jackie Abernathy, Director of Schools. “I also want to thank Bill Byford and the South Central CORE office for offering Marshall County their expertise and support.
“Now it is time to move forward, use what we have learned this year, and provide this year’s students with the best education possible. Next year, we want to be the #1 school system in the state!”

Congratulations to the teachers, students, staffs, and administrators of Marshall County’s Reward Schools. They have worked extremely hard to reach this status.

Data collected through: 8/20/2013
This chart shows how Tennessee schools scored on achievement and end-of-course tests in 2013.
Below Basic indicates a student who has not mastered a subject
Basic Scores show a partial mastery
Proficient indicates a full mastery of a subject
Advanced Scores  are for students who display superior mastery in a subject

The state’s goal is to move more students into the proficient and advanced categories. For each subject, the chart shows the combined percentage of proficient and advanced students and the change from last year's results.
Source: Tennessee Department of Education