Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Metro Door Receives State Recognition

One Year without an Accident
Mayor Barbara Woods congratulates the Metro Door Safety Committee on its achievement and recognition. L-R – Mayor Barbara Woods, Safety Committee Member Lushell Taylor, Safety Coordinator Dave O’Boyle, GM and Safety Committee Member Jeff Chevalier, Safety Committee Member Mike Wright, Safety Committee Member Lee Derryberry, Safety Committee Member Joey Vincent and Plant Manager and Safety Committee Member Ed Buchholz. 
Safety in the workplace is one of the key issues every company addresses each and every day and many plan and practice to try and achieve what Metro Door in Lewisburg achieved in 2012-2013.
Executives of Metro Door and its parent company, Cintas Corporation, gathered together last week the company’s Safety Committee to congratulate the team on its leadership in making Metro Door a safer place to work.
The Safety Committee of Metro Door joined Cintas in implementing a safety program that included over 285 hours of training and an investment of $250,000 in new equipment. The result was a 75% reduction in the Metro Door’s injury rate over the past two years and the company going one full year without a loss-time accident at the Lewisburg facility.
The accomplishment garnered Metro Door and its Safety Committee an “Occupational Safety Achievement – Commissioners Award” from the State of Tennessee Department of Labor. The award recognized Metro Door for its full year without a loss-time accident, a workplace injury rate being below the industry average, the development of a written safety and health program that created an environment free of safety and health violations, on-site safety compliance training, employee engagement programs and management safety leadership training.
“We could not be more proud of this committee and what it was able to achieve this past year,” said David O’Boyle, Sr. Regional Safety & Health Coordinator for Cintas. “The recognition by the State of Tennessee is a tremendous honor for Metro Door and its safety committee and it shows the value of the investment and commitment Cintas has made toward creating safe and healthy work environments for its associates.”
To show their appreciation, Metro Door and Cintas provided a special luncheon for its Safety Committee along with Certificates of Leadership and Certificates of Appreciation for every employee at Metro Door.
Lewisburg Mayor Barbara Woods attended the celebration to show her appreciation to the team at Metro Door for tackling one of the most important issues of the recent era.
“I hope you all can recognize what you’ve been able to accomplish here at Metro Door,” said Mayor Woods. “You have set a wonderful example for other companies and I just want to congratulate each and every one of you and encourage you to keep up the good work here in Lewisburg.”