Monday, October 31, 2011

For Fifty Years, Moon Roseart has been producing Made in America pencils. On October 27, the company held a 50th Anniversary celebration that drew past and present employees and executives, former owner Jim Moon, local and state officials and a hearty congratulations from Tom Prichard, President of Stationery and Activities for its parent company, Mega Brands.
“To maintain such a wonderful operation for fifty years speaks to the quality of the people in this company,” Prichard said.
Moon prides itself on being the only pencil manufacturer in the U.S. that is truly a “Made in America” product. Mega Brands has shown itself to be an active parent company that continues to promote Moon Roseart and is working on new client contracts to insure pencils made right here in Lewisburg from cedar out of California continue to be the best pencil product on the market for years to come.
As a token of appreciation to the community, Moon Roseart donated 6,000 commemorative 50th Anniversary pencils for every student in Marshall County.
 Congratulations to Moon Roseart and Mega Brands for 50 years of producing pencils to the world, it service to the community and its commitment to being the best “Made in America” brand of pencils in the world today.