Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ace Bayou to Add Jobs in Lewisburg

For fifteen years, Ace Bayou has been putting people to work in Marshall County and thanks to a new expansion project the company will be adding even more employees to its manufacturing base in Lewisburg.
Ace Bayou manufactured over 1 million bean bags in 2010 but has also made a hit with its game chairs – seats for people to use while playing video games. Along with its pet furniture manufacturing operation, ABC Pets, and Radiation Protection Products that manufactures a full line of radiation shielding, nuclear shielding and industrial lead products, Ace Bayou is extending its operations with a new project that is expected to create 100 jobs in Lewisburg.
Details of the new product line will be announced soon but the new project has the company in the process of purchasing the Sanford Building in Lewisburg, a 227,000 square foot facility located just off Ellington Parkway.
“We are just thrilled with the prospect of this new project by Ace Bayou,” said Greg Lowe, Lewisburg Director of Economic Development. “Ace Bayou has been a great manufacturer in Marshall County and this shows their commitment to this community and its workforce potential.”
Ace Bayou is expected to hire at least 100 new workers for this project and is projecting that number to grow throughout 2011 and into 2012. This could more than double its current workforce.
“We think it’s good news for the county,” said “Greg Hykes, Ace Bayou General Manager. “We appreciate the help and support of the Lewisburg Industrial Development Board and the Lewisburg City Council during this process.”
Marshall County has experienced high unemployment rates in the past several months and welcomes the prospect of putting more people to work.
“Existing industry has always been the creator of jobs for communities and I hope this is a sign of more positive news to come for Marshall County,” Lowe said. “We have a Council and an Industrial Development Board with the experience and the commitment to move us forward. And by continuing to work with the State of Tennessee Department of Economic Development, the Marshall County JECDB and agencies such as the South Central Tennessee Development District, the South Central Tennessee Workforce Board, USDA Rural Development and TVA, I believe we will see positive things happening in Lewisburg and Marshall County in the coming months.”
Ace Bayou is still in the process of working out the details of its new project including the purchase of the Sanford building but hopes are that the plant will be up and operating by this spring.

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