Friday, October 29, 2010

Got Recycling? Join Lewisburg on America Recycles Day November 15

The City of Lewisburg is in its second year of its curbside recycling program and participation has been great but there are still people who are not taking part – here’s your chance to begin.
“I Recycle” is the theme of Keep America Beautiful’s 2010 America Recycles Day (ARD), which takes place on November 15. Millions of Americans have pledged to increase their recycling habits at home and at work over the 13-year history of ARD, a nationally-recognized initiative dedicated to encouraging people to recycle more at home, at work, and on the go.
Lewisburg Mayor Barbara Woods initiated the Lewisburg Curbside Recycling program and chaired a committee that included City Manager Eddie Fuller, Councilman Quinn Brandon, Marshall Co. Solid Waste Director Morgan Thomas, Public Works Director Kenny Ring, Jennifer Harris and Greg Lowe. The committee developed the program that evolved into Thursday and Friday recycling pickup in the city with containers provided for single-stream recycling waste.
The program has been a success by comparative standards but until everyone in Lewisburg is recycling the program will not be a complete success. That is why Mayor Woods is promoting America Recycles Day as an event to get more people in Lewisburg to use their recycle containers and rid their household and business recyclables.
“Most of the people I have spoken to who are recycling are just amazed at the amount of actual garbage left over,” said Mayor Woods. “I think some people just need a little push and they will see how easy and beneficial recycling can be.”
Mayor Woods is urging all the city residents who are currently not recycling to start adding their recyclables to their containers on November 15. Then, on November 18 and 19, depending on where a resident lives, take that recycle container to the curb for pickup.
“Getting started is the key,” said Mayor Woods. “I would love to see us double the number of people recycling this year.”
If you have any questions about recycling in Lewisburg, you can contact Lewisburg City Hall at (931) 359-1544 or Marshall County Recycling at (931) 359-0547. You can also log onto – or for more information on America Recycles Day.

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