Friday, April 9, 2010

Marshall County Job Creation Recovery Program
• $3 Million Contract to employ 125 Marshall County Residents plus another 50 Marshall County Residents to be employed by TDOT
• Eligibility of employees to be determined by TN Dept. of Human Services
• South Central TN Workforce Alliance will serve as Grant Holder
• Program/Contract ends September 30, 2010
• Job Fair to be held April 20, 2010 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Lewisburg Recreation Center located at 1551 Mooresville Hwy, Lewisburg

Eligible Employees
1. Residents of Marshall Co. (Must provide proof of residency)
2. Must have at least one child in household age 17 or younger
3. Must meet certain income/liquid asset maximums (To be Determined and Verified by TN Dept. of Human Services)
4. (For questions concerning Employee Eligibility, contact Tennessee Career Center (931) 359-9726

Eligible Employers
1. Must have meaningful work at pay scale of $7.25 - $15.85, according to other employee wages and benefits – 100% Reimbursement for Employee Wages & Benefits
2. Must have Federal ID#/Employer ID # (Paperwork involved to verify)
3. No Nepotism – Cannot hire family members
4. No Layoffs – Cannot use Recovery Program hires in place of laid-off employees before April 7, 2010
5. (For questions concerning employer eligibility, contact Greg Lowe, City of Lewisburg, at (931) 359-1544 (office) or (931) 993-7499 (cell) or email
6. (Employer Eligibility requirements and/or limitations subject to change as program progresses)

Related Information
• Program seeks to put money into local economy through employment of unemployed workers
• Program seeks to re-attach unemployed workers with the act of working
• Program is not a permanent solution to local high unemployment as jobs created by Program are not permanent (end when Program ends on Sept. 30)
• Intent is to be at No-Cost to Employers
• Program will operate as a reimbursement to Employers for Recovery Program Employees
• Employers may still hire or fire Recovery Program employees at will as any other employees
• Employers will not be reimbursed for employment of less than 30 hours per week or more than 40 hours per week
• Employees released from Employers may re-enter the Eligible Employee Pool
• Employees will not draw Unemployment Insurance during duration of Program
• An individual is not eligible to be hired through the Marshall County Recovery Program if they voluntarily quit a 35+hour per week job in the last 90 days
• Goal is to find Employers with the most potential of retaining one or more Recovery Program Employees

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