Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Marshall County Technology Fair

We Invite You to the
Marshall County Technology Fair
May 21, 2009—10am-7pm
Columbia State Community College-
Lewisburg Campus Site
980 S. Ellington Parkway, Lewisburg, TN
There will be Vendors and Seminars to teach hardware, software, trends, applications and all aspects of new technology for the home, office and business
For More Information, Contact
Greg Lowe—(931) 359-1544 or

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marshall County Workforce Conference A Success

The Marshall County Workforce Conference held at Columbia State Community College-Lewisburg on January 23 brought a great turnout of industry leaders, educational leaders and leaders from local, regional and state agencies involved in economic development. JECDB Director Mike Wiles and Lewisburg ECD Director Terry Wallace led the meeting with Jan McKeel of South Central Tennessee Workforce Board supplying valuable information on training opportunities for workers and available funding for additional training in the future. With imput during a roundtable discusson from industry leaders and educators, a plan is being developed to provide more training for Marshall County's workforce to help make the region an even stronger attraction to new industries and to help strengthen the workforce of existing industries in the area.
Within the new few weeks, more details of the workforce training plan will be released to everyone who attended the meeting; and then the plan will be put into practice to increase training and workforce development in Marshall County.

Results and Ranking of Issues from industrial leaders’ input

Rank Issue # of Votes
1 Work Ethics 11
2 Process Problem Solving 9
3 Math Refresher Course 6
4 Computer/Microsoft Programs/ 5
Paperless Transition and Usage
4 Leadership Classes 5
4 Safety 5
5 Manufacturing Principles 4
5 Proper Use of Hand Tools 4
5 First Line Supervision 4
5 Team Building 4
6 Engineering Skills 3
6 Career Readiness Certificates 3
7 Reading Comprehension 2
7 Statistical Process Control 2
7 Quality Improvement 2
7 Forklift Training 2
7 Maintenance Skills 2
7 Medical Equipment Repair 2
8 Graphs and Charts 1
8 Lean Manufacturing 1
8 Six Sigma (Green, Black) 1

Other Issues Raised

- Experienced Printing Pressman – no training available for pressman in the area
- Training for Graphic Artists
- Training for Inventory Control Specialist
- Strategies on How to Increase Sales
- Career Readiness Certificate – recommend be taken to junior and senior high school level
- Introduce soft skills/work habits/understanding benefits/understanding the importance of attendance, etc.
- Review possibility of bringing back basic math to high school level
- Expand training on Welding Skills (Certified Welders) B&B in Hohenwald – just hired 5 welders out of their program as an example
- Properly utilize measuring tools, tape measure, calipers, micrometers, etc.
- Read and understand engineering drawings
- Understand fractional and metric measurements, convert between the two
- Access to a Database of skilled workers in region for employers to use to find employees
- Training Lab Skills
- Teach/Encourage Flexibility for different shifts
- First Aid Training and CPR Training
- CNA or CNT program
- Medical equipment repair
- Voluntary Drug-Testing Certificate
- Electrical Engineering, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Phlebotomy Training
- Basic Principles of Business and Manufacturing (The link Between success of employer and employee)
- High School Students Industrial Training (welding, mill, etc.) Co-Op with training facilities and colleges – Get their hands on industrial equipment early
- Consolidate Shipping between area industries and businesses
- Get into Bidding for Small Business Government Contracts
- Start ROTC program in High School
- Training for Floor Technicians Management
- How to use a Blackberry
- English Speaking Classes