Thursday, December 18, 2008

Marshall County Workforce Improvement Conference January 23, 2009

Marshall County Workforce Improvement Conference
Columbia State Community College - Lewisburg
Friday, January 23, 2009 - 12 p.m.
Lunch to be Provided by Russell Catering

Workforce quality is a serious issue in the South Central Tennessee Region, including Marshall County. Whether it is basic work ethic of employees, a lack of adequate reading, writing and arithmetic skills or a lack of more advanced skill sets in the workplace, workforce quality continues to affect productivity, profit margins, industry recruitment, industry retention and industry expansion in the region, including Marshall County.
For this reason, we are urging you to attend the Marshall County Workforce Improvement Conference on January 23 at Columbia State Community College in Lewisburg. Your knowledge of this issue, overall and, more specifically, as it affects your business, makes it essential that you attend the conference. We need to know exactly the issues in workforce quality with which you must contend daily and those you expect to become problematic in the future.
We realize that you are busy and do not need to attend another meeting where this much talk and little action afterwards. This letter of invitation is to assure you that this conference will result in action by the Marshall County Joint Economic and Community Development Board, the City of Lewisburg Economic and Community Development Office and the South Central Tennessee Workforce Board. A project is underway to improve and enhance workforce quality in the region, including Marshall County, through utilizing training facilities locally, such as Columbia State Community College, Tennessee Technology Center, the Marshall County School System and the Marshall County Adult Education Center. The meeting is scheduled to last one hour unless you and fellow attendees want more time to discuss the issue.
Please join us for this conference and assist in moving this project forward. Workforce quality is critical to you but it is also critical to the economic well-being of the region, including Marshall County.
Terry Wallace—Lewisburg ECD Director
Mike Wiles-Marshall County JECDB Director

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